The best way to reach me is by sending an email to [email protected].

Do not message me on social networks or messaging apps. I rarely check them, and I don’t reply to unknown senders. Stick to email – [email protected].

Mastermind Group / Accountability Partner

As a growth-driven person, I strongly believe in the power of being around like-minded friends and groups of individuals that propel me forward.

If you are into personal growth, productivity, marketing, side hustle, all things life hacks, or if you are committed to growing a blog like myself, I want to hear from you – right now!

Interviews / Media Requests

One of the reasons why I started this website as I embark on a journey to design the ultimate life for myself is to share my learnings and insights with growth-driven individuals around the world.

To maximize the impact of what I’m sharing here, I can’t do it alone.

I will be honored, and will most likely say yes if you think I am worthy enough to get a mention in your publication, blog, social media channel or an article.

Interesting Links / Articles / Products / Services / Apps

My friends know me as a curious person who keeps sharing bright shiny objects that I come across.

Found something that you think I might be interested? Send it my way.

Questions / Content Ideas

Although I would like to think that I am a creative person, I am not immune to writers’ block.

Have a suggestion for an article or curious to read my thoughts on a particular subject? Help me out, and write to me.

List of Things That I Will Most Likely Ignore

I get less than 10 emails a day for [email protected], so I will read every single email that I receive.

However, emails of the following nature will go straight to ‘Trash’.

  • Promotions
  • Guest post offers
  • Sponsored post opportunities

No hard feelings. I’m just not interested. And please, do not follow up if you sent me any of the above. I will set up a rule to mark all your future emails as spam.