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About Wayne Liew

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Hi there, I am Wayne Liew!

I am a performance marketer who is passionate about learning, personal development, and productivity hacks.

On this website, I write about the topics I'm interested in, what I'm learning, and the insights I want to share with you.

What is in It for You?

If you are reading this, you are probably a marketer and lifelong learner like myself who is eager to level up your career and achieve bigger goals in life.

I ask myself these questions a lot:

  • Can I turn the art of marketing into replicable frameworks?
  • How can I spend more time on high-value work?
  • How can I learn faster and retain more information?
  • How do I connect and maintain relationships with people?
  • What is the best approach to money and investing?
  • How to build healthy nutrition and fitness habits?

When I acquire new insights on different areas of my life, I share them with you here. I hope you can leave this website learning something new and actionable.

Many of the concepts, ideas, and tips featured on this website are not my own. I discover them through a lot of reading and experiments on how to incorporate them into my life.

Writing brings clarity to what I'm learning because it requires me to string all the insights together before presenting them to you.

Hopefully, the byproduct is something you can relate to and find useful.

My Other Interests

For the latest on what I am up to, check out my Now page. And to paint a better picture of who I am, here are some of my other interests:

📈 Marketing and advertising. I lead a team of savvy and creative marketers at a fast-growing personal growth education technology company. Together as a team, we are helping the company scale to $150 million in revenue.

📱 Apps. I am a sucker for new apps. The App Store is where I go when I procrastinate. I even paid for the premium version of an app mistakenly while I was falling asleep.

✍️ Writing. I love to share my experiences through writing. Aside from this website, I am also active on Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora.

💰 Entrepreneurship. I dream about starting my own business one day. I am interested in opportunities such as direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands, web apps, and brick-and-mortar local businesses.

Stay in Touch

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