Wayne Liew Dot Com is a blog providing marketing, entrepreneurship and small business advice. Also, from time to time, featured interviews with entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers will be published to get insights from individuals that are “in the trenches”.

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, whether aspiring or established, Wayne Liew Dot Com is for you.

Why Wayne Liew Dot Com?

Wayne Liew Dot Com

Wayne Liew Dot Com is a blog where I share small business advice, my take on entrepreneurship as well as marketing tips that I learned from running my Internet marketing and online marketing consultancy business.

If you are an entrepreneur, young entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur or a small business owner, the content on Wayne Liew Dot Com is specifically tailored to you.

One serious mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners make is not continuously learning and improving themselves. Well, I can’t put the blame on you. There’s so much to be learned out there and yet, the number of tasks you have is showing no signs of getting lesser.

This is where Wayne Liew Dot Com comes in. By reading and subscribing to Wayne Liew Dot Com, you can get hold of the latest tips and strategies on various aspects of business as well as insights from entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and business experience.

You can subscribe to Wayne Liew Dot Com Newsletter via email to get the latest tips and insights featured on the blog.

Who is Wayne Liew?

Wayne Liew Wayne Liew (Google+) is an online marketing consultant based in Malaysia, online marketer and of course, the editor of Wayne Liew Dot Com.

Wayne dipped his toes into the world of Internet marketing in 2006 at the young age of 16. Since then, he mastered different strategies of Internet marketing and soon developed a business out of it. Primarily, his business revolves around building and maintaining content sites on different topics with skills such as search engine optimization, social media marketing and content marketing.

Wayne is also an online marketing consultant that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create their online presence that will not only increase their bottom line, but also improve their brand as an individual or a business.

You can learn more about consultancy services offered by Wayne at his Consultancy page.

Wayne has a background in accounting and is currently pursuing an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) membership, which is equivalent to a CPA in the United States. Wayne deeply believes that such a background will help with the technical, analytical and performance management side of running a business.

Wayne also loves to read and his favorite books cover business ideas, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, investing, branding, leadership and many more. Of course, he also follows a ton of blogs that cover the same topics.

Contact Wayne Liew

Getting hold of me is not hard.

Fill in your details over at the CONTACT page and include your message. Alternatively, you can send me an email to wayne@wayneliew.com

If you prefer to chat with me on Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger or AIM, the following will be my accounts. Feel free to nudge me when I get online.

Disclosures and Relationships

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