5 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs to Stay Motivated

by Wayne Liew

in Entrepreneurship

Things can be very frustrating for young entrepreneurs from time to time, especially when faced with touch challenges that always seem to have the power to crush our ideas or even our established businesses.

Some may argue that it is all about the passion that you have for your venture or business. Well, let me help you to get this out of your head. No successful entrepreneur enjoys easy days all year long.

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You’ll get frustrated with things not turning out the way you expect it to turn out, you’ll get tired of doing the same thing over and over again and worse, you’ll might even feel that you are in the wrong business.

Here are some tips that I practise every day to stay committed to my ventures and to stay motivated. By motivated, I mean waking up and can’t wait to work on the tasks that I need to complete for the day.

Take Time to Relax

We all love and enjoy our 20 hours (extreme exaggeration? :mrgreen: ) work day. However, you need to get some rest once in a while. The quality of work that you produce when you are awake and aware is always better than the work delivered when your body is tired.

Free up some slots in your busy schedule for your hobbies or things that you enjoy doing (other than than your venture :p ). For me, it will be watching videos, playing computer games and running. I can tell you that other than plain relaxing, I do get some inspiration and ideas out of those moments.

Avoid Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive tasks like general paperwork, filing, accounting, etc. is boring and they are the last things you would want to focus on to stay motivated. Also, no investors will be happy if you are spending time and money on them (paraphrased Jason Calacanis on TwiST).

Outsource these tasks or hire someone to do it for you. You are in the business not because of these tasks so why let them bog you down?

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Set Deadlines for Tasks

When inserting items into your to-do list, always make sure that you attach a deadline to them and don’t postpone it! Although this is not a flashy productivity tip, it is proven that deadline is still one of the best motivator to get things done.

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Talk to Entrepreneurial Connections

Entrepreneurs understand entrepreneurs. When you need the right inspiration, talk to someone like-minded, an entrepreneur (even an aspiring one) or a business owner. Through different ways, these people inspire you to take action or might give you ideas that you have never thought of before.

If you haven’t been networking? What are you waiting for? It’s is the biggest thing on Earth that you should be doing as an entrepreneur! Head over to my contact page and send me an intro about yourself, I’m free to chat with you. 🙂

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Ideas, Ideas and More Ideas

If you’re faced with a problem whereby conventional solution will not work, try brainstorming for ideas. By opening yourself up to ideas instead of focusing on the one solution that wouldn’t work, you are able to kick the annoying frustration away!

Absorb ideas that come to you but don’t let them sit. Go through your compilation, filter them and most importantly, IMPLEMENT them. Most of my ideas come from the Internet, mainly through the use of StumbleUpon, Digg and Youtube.

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How Do You Stay Motivated?

The above are the things that I do to stay motivated. I’m sure that you as an entrepreneur, have your own way.

Do you mind sharing some tips on how do you stay motivated as an entrepreneur in the comments section below?

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Gloson October 8, 2009 at 12:54 am

Great tips there, Wayne! Tweeted it 😉 LOL. I think I DO need to find some time to relax. 😛

Wayne Liew October 8, 2009 at 7:57 am

Thanks Gloson. Get some rest for the longer journey ahead. 😉

Gloson October 8, 2009 at 2:05 pm

Haha thanks 😉 maybe you should write a post about how to find time to relax.

riffraffcoza October 8, 2009 at 6:06 pm

I stay motivated by looking at a picture of a Mercedes SLK that's stuck on my wall. That is my motivation…oh, and a healthy diet.

Beverly Hills Locksmith December 19, 2009 at 4:25 am

That's a great post Wayne…. Its time to take a break….

Event Planner San Francisco February 15, 2010 at 2:10 am

I think when you feel weak think of where you want to reach and what is your goal. Look at yourself and laugh it out or cry it out. It helps at times

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