Weekly Biz Buzz #5: Amazon Acquired Zappos, Webmaster Tools and Becoming a Great Entrepreneur

by Wayne Liew

in Weekly Biz Buzz

Hey, readers of Wayne Liew Dot Com. Weekly Biz Buzz is back after a long time, um, due to popular demand! :mrgreen:

Most of you might have noticed the acquisition of Zappos by Amazon. If you have not, I will share the news later on in this post, together with an interview with the CEO of Zappos where he shares the secrets that got Zappos to where it is today.

I want you to enjoy your weekend and let’s not drag this even longer. Weekly Biz Buzz #5, here you go…

Wayne Liew Dot Com Updates

Me, together with my business partner, are planning on starting something big. Next weekend, I will be doing a street interview for my upcoming startup. This is of course a first for me. For those who have done this before, please share some tips and experience of yours in the comments section below.

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