Weekly Biz Buzz #5: Amazon Acquired Zappos, Webmaster Tools and Becoming a Great Entrepreneur

by Wayne Liew

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Hey, readers of Wayne Liew Dot Com. Weekly Biz Buzz is back after a long time, um, due to popular demand! :mrgreen:

Most of you might have noticed the acquisition of Zappos by Amazon. If you have not, I will share the news later on in this post, together with an interview with the CEO of Zappos where he shares the secrets that got Zappos to where it is today.

I want you to enjoy your weekend and let’s not drag this even longer. Weekly Biz Buzz #5, here you go…

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Zappos Acquired by Amazon

The buzz in the online world this week falls on the acquisition of Zappos by Amazon. The talk seems to revolve around why the acquisition takes place and how will Zappos change its culture that is so familiar to the existing customers of theirs.

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh

As a friendly CEO that always position himself close to Zappos customers and employees, Tony Hsieh published the email he sent to his employees right after the acquisition to clear the doubts in the air.

I have always been a fan of Zappos’ customer service stories and the talks about their culture although I have not been a customer of theirs since I am not staying in the States. An article entitled 840 Million Reasons to Celebrate that was published on Entrepreneur.com caught my eye and I think as an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you should read it.

For those who are in the ecommerce business, this is another interesting article for you: Top 10 eCommerce Lessons by Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh

Taking Advantage of Webmaster Tools for Your Business

This blog post, entitled, Are You Taking Advantage of Webmaster Tools? by Linda Bustos explains why you should start using webmaster tools of three major search engines, namely Google, Yahoo and Bing to your advantage.

If you ask me, I would say that it is wise to use the webmaster tools provided by the top three search engines. Apart from knowing whether your sites are being indexed well, you will also get information such as keywords that site visitors use to reach your site, pages that contain errors and many more.

Are You Ready to Become a Great Entrepreneur?

25 Skills and Classes Necessary to Become a Great Entrepreneur is a long article on College Crunch that lists and elaborates on the key character traits, skills and knowledge that you require in order to make it big as an entrepreneur.

It is a long article and I am still on the way to complete the whole thing. However, it is worth your time, just break the article into chunks just so you don’t suffer from information overload. :mrgreen:

My advice to all aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are seeking for success is to start taking action. Whether it is learning the necessary skill sets, acquiring the knowledge or realizing your plans, just start taking action and stop day dreaming.

How’s Your Business Doing?

That’s all for this week’s Weekly Biz Buzz. I hope you enjoyed the content I shared.

How did your business performed for the past week? What are the new things that you have learned?

Feel free to share them with me in the comments section below. As always, I would love to hear from you.


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