Networking With New Bloggers – Pros and Cons

by Wayne Liew

in Internet Business

Networking with other bloggers on the blogosphere, no matter they are in or outside your niche, is vital to building your reputation and the coverage of your blog. There are literally thousands of blogs being created daily and among the creation, most of them are by new bloggers who had just stepped into the blogosphere.

Bloggers who have stayed for some time on the blogosphere are smarter, busier and sometimes, they became arrogant because of their successes. At this point, they are hard to be approached, not to even mention about networking with them. Not every bloggers are such but what if this is the worst case scenario happening to you or maybe you see people more experienced than you harder to approach?

False Impression On New Bloggers

This guide, as understood from the title, works for those who are facing the problems above and all the bloggers out there looking to improve their blogging peers network.

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What we normally link new bloggers with are the following:

  • Simple questions that take up your time
  • Crazy over something you see as plain
  • Giving up is common among newbies

Think again. New bloggers can bring you benefits that you have never thought of and the most importantly is that it is still a network for you to tap! Read on to find out what are the good things if you network with a new blogger.

Networking With New Bloggers – List Of Unthinkable Benefits

Rediscovery of lost blogging plans

New bloggers come into the blogosphere with some wacky and ambitious goals which you might also have on the day you stepped in but it may have been washed out of your mind because of the amount of knowledge and experience that you have garnered over the period.

When you arrived at the doorsteps of the blogosphere, you tend to discard some of your ideas and plans because at that time, you might not have the ability or resources to achieve them but things might be different now. Networking with a new blogger that share the same aspiration will actually help revoking such plans.

Simple help needed

When you network with a new blogger, you can easily show your expertise to them, indirectly making them rank you highly in terms of helpfulness. You don’t have to be a super blogging expert to help a new blogger.

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Simple questions like how to get traffic for blogs, how to set up a blog are commonly asked by new bloggers. However, you must always be prepared for some haywire moments as a new blogger is impatient without knowing the rules of blogger interaction when something goes wrong with his blog.


When you have a bunch of new bloggers entering the blogosphere, you will expect competition although they don’t pose a threat for you when they are still greenhorns.

The sense of upcoming competition will boost your dedication and motivation in blogging. Also, your curiosity of what will they be doing to push their blog forward will improve you more as you can innovate their ideas with your experience and implement them onto your blogging career. Such motivation are not easily derived if there is no competition.

Authority and reputation

It is hard to become an authority blogger in a particular niche as common niches nowadays saturated and already have some authority bloggers blogging about them.

When you network with new bloggers, authority building will become much more easier as they might not have their own blogging peers network yet. Also, spreading your reputation by giving a good impression of you to these new bloggers is certainly better than bad words about you being transmitted into their ears by others.

Collaboration work

With the authority and reputation built with the point above, you should be able to get more participation in your events such as group writing projects. Collaborative work such as guest blog exchange and link exchange can be done extensively in an easy manner as well.

Also, since new bloggers are more open in making friends from the blogosphere, you will earn a portion of traffic and comments from them over a period of time. If you don’t want to try again and again to pitch good or great bloggers to join an activity launched by your blog, try persuading new bloggers then.

Future help

This might sound sarcastic to some bloggers who have been around for a long time but I have to say it as this is a fact. Some bloggers, even though they get into the playground late, they are still capable of overtaking some old guns.

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The lesson here is not that we need to stop these new bloggers from getting onto the highway to success. The benefits of networking with new bloggers is that you might strike a pot of gold if this blogger is really good and will overtake you with his success. You might not know who is the genius right from the start but network with as many of them will be your best bet.

Negative New Blogger Attributes For Possible Frustrations


New bloggers have this little syndrome which can be a headache for most of us. Even though you might be able to persuade them to become your peers, it is hard to make them pay out of their pockets or do something which is beyond their views.

The products and tutorials that are offered by you might be the best around but sometimes, new bloggers just won’t eat up and follow your say because of skepticism. In a way, you should not blame them (it is just a cautious move) but you will be mad as the person providing services or products.

Blogging commitments

Remember what I have said about dead blogs? Well, new bloggers don’t stay on the blogosphere for long, especially nowadays where most of them thought that they can make good money out of blogging.

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Some bloggers just don’t have the passion to blog after the hype about blogging for money within them. You might be spending all your time trying to provide help and recommending their blogs but at the end, your actions are equivalent to stabbing yourself because they will leave the blogosphere without even notifying you about it.


This is cruel to say but some new bloggers just don’t worth any of your time. This is because the blogosphere is just not the right place for them. A few examples of what I mean with incapable are as follows:

  • Bad (I mean really bad) use of language
  • Lack of time
  • Terrible interpersonal skills
  • Want success without effort

There is a place for them on the Internet but the blogosphere is definitely not unless they seek for alternatives such as hiring writers and improve themselves by reading more.

Productivity killer

Have you ever came across some people that you think that they are just wasting your time? I am not mean here. Sometimes, it is their problems but sometimes it is yours.

Some people just don’t convey their problems or communicate well and in the end, you find them wasting your time and jeopardizing your productivity. If you find networking with new bloggers is throttling your productivity, keep this to the bare minimum.

Conclusion On New Bloggers Networking

The best form of networking that can be done by bloggers is to network with as many bloggers as possible. However, this is impossible as blogging itself will add a lot of tasks to your schedule.

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However, I still find networking with new bloggers as an easy way to build up the exposure of your blog and your name. It can be a great way to tap new readers for your blog and immediately make them your loyal readers.

Anyway, please do keep in mind that you are networking and interacting, not using them as a tool. Know what are the don’ts in blogging pals interaction and you should be doing alright with new bloggers.

Do You Network With "Noobies"?

What are your views on networking with new bloggers? Also, do you have any incidences to share with me which are related in your efforts to network with other bloggers? Last but not least, do you have anything more to add where you think networking with new bloggers is a feasible move to network in the blogosphere.

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