What Google Starred Results Means to Search Engine Optimization?

by Wayne Liew

in Marketing

While doing some routine searches on Google today, I noticed a small star appears at the side of each search result item. Popular blogs haven’t got their hands on this and I have no idea whether this is an experimental or a permanent feature.

One thing is for sure though. Google has been introducing a lot of additional features to its search engines to introduce personalization into their search results. Google Starred Results will definitely bring the level of personalization in search to another level.

Google Starred Results 
(Click on image to enlarge screenshot.)

The basic idea is, searchers can now ‘star’ items that appear in search results and when they conduct the search again, all the starred results will appear on top of all other search result items.

What does this mean for search engine optimization efforts? Why should you pay attention to this?

Search Results Curation – More Than Just Content

I know, great content, great content and great content… You hear this all over the Internet. Now, with starred results, not only that your content should be great, it must also be relevant to the audience that you are targeting.

A search term may bring up multiple results with roughly the same idea behind their content. However, other elements such as the design, content presentation and the overall experience at a page will now play a role in influencing a user whether to ‘star’ that particular page in the search results.

As a marketer, you need to make sure your content explains ideas in the context of your target audience and that they are presented in a way that your target audience favors 503 Service Unavailable

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