Creating A Stunning and Memorable First Time Visit

by Wayne Liew

in Internet Business

Caroline Middlebrook As Top Commentator

Before I start this article of mine, I would like to thank Caroline Middlebrook who inspired me with her visit to Wayne Liew Dot Com which she has successfully grabbed my attention. I know people might think that this is because she is a rising star in the blogging niche now but I discovered another side of her commenting strategy which she didn’t write about it. I will write it out today and hopefully, you can learn something from this.

If this is the first time you pay my blog a visit, what will you do? Read through my About page, scroll through my Home page, skim across my Archives and after you are satisfied with the quality, you leave one short comment. What a waste of time! Today I will teach you how to tackle a blog which you are new to aggressively.

Why Should I Do This?

  • Networking. If you follow my steps carefully and the blogger is not a “cool” one, I can ensure you that you are capable of making another friend in your niche.
  • Traffic. Tackling the blog aggressively will take your name into the spotlight immediately and the current readers of the site will notice about you and out of curiosity, they will visit your blog.
  • Links. The wave of attacks that you will be about to launch will give the current holders the blog’s top commentators rank a shock as you be pushing yourself onto the list.
  • Reputation. Taking this aggressive approach will bring your reputation as a blogger to a whole new level but either as a valuable one or just a spammer (or the name once I was called 503 Service Unavailable

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