Creating A Stunning and Memorable First Time Visit

by Wayne Liew

in Internet Business

Caroline Middlebrook As Top Commentator

Before I start this article of mine, I would like to thank Caroline Middlebrook who inspired me with her visit to Wayne Liew Dot Com which she has successfully grabbed my attention. I know people might think that this is because she is a rising star in the blogging niche now but I discovered another side of her commenting strategy which she didn’t write about it. I will write it out today and hopefully, you can learn something from this.

If this is the first time you pay my blog a visit, what will you do? Read through my About page, scroll through my Home page, skim across my Archives and after you are satisfied with the quality, you leave one short comment. What a waste of time! Today I will teach you how to tackle a blog which you are new to aggressively.

Why Should I Do This?

  • Networking. If you follow my steps carefully and the blogger is not a “cool” one, I can ensure you that you are capable of making another friend in your niche.
  • Traffic. Tackling the blog aggressively will take your name into the spotlight immediately and the current readers of the site will notice about you and out of curiosity, they will visit your blog.
  • Links. The wave of attacks that you will be about to launch will give the current holders the blog’s top commentators rank a shock as you be pushing yourself onto the list.
  • Reputation. Taking this aggressive approach will bring your reputation as a blogger to a whole new level but either as a valuable one or just a spammer (or the name once I was called – a whore).

Let me kick start the action plan on what I say as aggressive approach to take on a blog you just came across.

Know Your Enemy
Does this blog provide value in terms of contents? Does it have a huge base of readers? Is it dead? Is it a famous blog? Discard your plans of attacking a big empire with stones! All of these evaluations can be done at a glance of the home page, don’t dig deep any more, it is a waste of time.

After your evaluations told you that this is a healthy and a “just nice” blog for you, proceed on how to attack it. When doing this, be sure that you have logged into your MyBlogLog account so that your avatar will appear in the widgets if they have one. Minor destructions have been done. Let’s move on to the second phase.

Korean Soldiers

Take Down Their Defences
Click on every permalink of posts in their home page. When you go into the page, write long but quality comments which add values to the articles. Quality comments will improve the level of attention given as the blogger will have to reply to you. The first few articles on a blog might still be getting attention from the readers so long and quality comments will get people to read it!

Attack Their Weak Spots

Evil Grind

It is time to move deep into the Archives page. At one glance, pick out around 5 articles which the title grabbed your attention. Read through it, find out flaws of the articles, voice it up through comments and if not, question the blogger on certain things that he wrote. Don’t be shy of your act and kill him with facts if possible. :mrgreen:

Broadcast Your Destruction

Military Ghost Plane

Don’t get my headline wrong. If you want everyone to look at the destruction you have caused, don’t write about what you have done because you will be seen as a whore. Instead, write a review about the blog you have just attacked by linking to it. Write about the posts you have commented and your long opinions about it. This will give several more things for the blogger to look at.

Demand for Surrender
This is a little bit sarcastic to the blogger but this might get you another friend. After all the destructions you have made, write in an e-mail to the blogger to tell him what you feel about his blog and maybe some personal questions like what made him started blogging and so on. If he replies, this means that you have made an impact on him.

Why Sudden Attacks Are Useful?
Do you know that most of the bloggers will want to approve their first time commentators? Commenting in an aggressive style as I mentioned above will give the blogger lines after lines of comments to approve and if he thinks that your comments is valuable enough, he will take a look at it.

You will also have your name appeared instantly on the Top Commentators widget rank after the blogger approves your comments in one shot. This is why the blog you are targeting must be in line with your quality and authority. Your rock might only become sand when thrown at their high and firm steel wall.

You will see increase in your traffic if you continue to launch sudden attacks on new blogs you discovered each day. It won’t take you much time. One new blog per day will be enough.

Warrior Retiring

Boy Giving Respect

What do you think of my battle strategy outline above? If you don’t like the warrior terms, sorry about it because I am just playing with a different style of writing, can you tell me if I passed or failed the test? :smile: Will you launch such attacks from now on? If you planned to do so, please tell me which blog will you be targeting so I can deploy some spies there to see how the blogger will react to my tactics.

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