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by Wayne Liew

in Internet Business

When we face problems in blogging, the first thing we know is to ask for help. We go to everywhere that we can think of to seek for the solutions which may or may not help us.

The downside about asking the whole world for blogging solutions are:

  • Time wasting. Instead of knowing for sure where to ask, we spend our time typing, or copying and pasting our questions here and there!
  • Inadequate follow up. If everyone is providing you with an answer, you will need to reply and once the solutions are in your hands, you often forget to thank or to follow up on the solutions provided.
  • Degrading professionalism. Have you ever seen a great leader or someone in authority panicked about something and seek solution from everyone? No! This is because their credibility and reputation will be at tarnished.

Blogging Q&A Stations and Usage Guidelines

Search engines

This is the place I turn to first for troubles that I came across in blogging. The problems that we faced in blogging or in every aspects of life are mostly gone through by others and it is very likely that they will be documented on the Internet.

Major Search Engines Logos

Search engines nowadays is capable of providing answers to nearly everything. The best of finding answers with this method is that no one will know you are facing problems and if you are patient enough to go through page after page of search results, you will gain a lot of related knowledge along the way.

Downside: An urgent problem such as inability to load your blog or a spoilt modification to your blog theme will require a faster method as going through page after page of irrelevant search results will only delay your seek for the crucial solution.

Offline connections

Sometimes, friends and even family members around you, even though they might be computer and blogging illiterate, they can help you out in seeking a blogging solution as well.

Ask your friend who might be a soccer fan to rate your soccer-related blog for you as they will know what are they looking for when they surf to a soccer site. Also, ask your grandma or father to surf through your blog. If they find it tough to navigate around your blog, you seriously need to improve your blog navigation.

Downside: Even they are helpful in one way, you should keep in mind that you are the one who knows how the Internet works. Their suggestions might only work for themselves and if you think, for example, their suggestion will decrease your blog’s conversion rate on ad click-throughs, don’t listen to them!

Online discussion sites

You can find all sorts of questions, discussions and debates going on at such places. If your blog is on racing, a forum on racing will be available out there to help in content creation for your blog.

Webmaster Forums Logo

If your problems are on the more technical side on blogging, I would recommend you webmaster forums like Digital Point, SitePoint and V7N as you can get help from blog designs, search engine optimization, right down to traffic building for blogs.

Downside: Unless the description is very precise, you will tend to get mixed responses about something. Also, be ready to receive irrelevant replies and of course spams is something unavoidable in such discussion place.

Blogging peers network

I have always said that it is good for you to have a strong line of blogging peers. They don’t have to be experts in everything, some can be experts in social media optimization, some can be great writers and some might be good on the technical side, such as coding and blog designs.

It is all up to you on your approach on networking among blogging peers. It is hard to live online without any peers as when problem comes by, you will be fighting against it alone.

Downside: When someone sees you as a pal and the same is happening the other way round, you tend to forget the limits of interaction, causing a possible lost of blogging pal. Read 10 Things To Avoid In A Blogging Pal Interaction to get hold of the interaction skills among blogging pals.

Blogging experts

Blogging experts or those who writes about blogging (such as Wayne Liew) possesses technical and composite blogging skills because of their daily research and contact with this topic.

Business Blogging Expert
Photo by: erik ERXON

Most of them will be more than willing to help you out since this helps them to build up relationship with their readers as well as building a "helpful site" brand for their blogs. Also, even if they might not know the answer of your questions, they have a strong lineup of blogging guru peers which might be out of your reach.

Downside: You have a lot of bloggers who writes about blogging out there but no one is an expert on every blogging aspect. Feeling ashamed of not knowing something is what some informational bloggers will want to avoid. To cover up their inability to answer your questions, they tend to fill you with irrelevant, or worse, wrong answers. Beware…

Support Services

This is one good station which is under-utilized for all your questions about a particular service. Most sites or blogs should have a contact form nowadays to cater their readers and customers’ doubts about their products and services offered.

Phone Call Support Answer
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If you have purchased their products or services, direct your questions to them! No one understands more about a product other than the those who are selling it! Make them answer your queries. If their support is bad or always unavailable, avoid them in your next purchase for a similar product.

Downside: Support sections for a big site which caters a lot of users will use auto-responders to answer your questions. The solutions that are provided to you can be a link to their FAQ pages or automated answers which might not be personalized to your situations.

Own trial and error

I started blogging, knowing nothing about blogging (why are you still reading this blogging guide? It is the observation, learning and mistakes that I have done to allow me to blog about blogging.

When you face a problem or a crisis with your blog, try solving it yourself. This does not only allow you to gain a new knowledge on blogging, it also cut the the fuss on waiting for replies which might take a long time.

Downside: Experiments might end up with failure after failure without meeting any success and this can be disheartening as well as time consuming. Also, wasting too much time on something that you clearly don’t have knowledge in will cut down the time that are planned for the execution of your expertise.

5 Tips To Tackle Blogging Questions Better

Avoid being selfish

You are seeking help from someone and it pays to be patient. Impatience will chase away your best source of solution provider because for example, you might be spamming his/her inbox with a same question. People don’t make provisions to their time to help you. Thus, be considerable and help will eventually come if the people you have asked really want to help you out.

Backup your stuffs if possible

Before trying out any solutions, backup everything that can be backed up. Themes codes, FTP files, MySQL databases, important e-mails and documents are some examples of some things that need backup because the loss of these information will mean disaster for you if anything is not right with the solution provided.

List the details of your problems

When you are asking or planning to ask a question, make the question as descriptive as possible. This is to help the person that you are asking for help to understand more about your situation. Also, this will let you get the exact solution you want rather than wasting time having multiple replies in between to solve your problems.

Hand Shake Thank You
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Appreciate attempts to help

Always remember to express your appreciation to someone’s help. Apart from mannerism, you actually build up a relationship which allows you to get an answer from the same party faster if you face another problem of the same category. This indirectly gives you a backing to cope with some blogging questions you might face in the future.

Keep a log of problems and solutions

People don’t normally entertain questions if they have already answered you or they are being asked the same question over and over again. This is why when you are reading a solution provided, try to write or type the solution and keep it somewhere. Reference can be made easily when you face the same problem again.

Your Say On Asking Blogging Questions

Where do you commonly have your blogging questions directed? What are the problems that you always have to deal with when you submit your questions to these or via these medium(s)? Anything to comment about my blogging tips above?

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