Blog Sidebar Basic Reconstruction Tips [Part 1]

by Wayne Liew

in Internet Business

Blog sidebar is one element of blog design that bloggers cannot ignore. However, blogger often face the few problems below with the sidebars on their blogs:

  • Underutilized sidebars
  • Flashy sidebars
  • Never-ending sidebars
  • Slow loading sidebars
  • Sidebars in readers’ blind spot

Blog Sidebar Reconstruction Two Part Series

Ruchir touched on the downside of long articles with 7 Things I Hate About Blogging and it made me split this piece of blogging content into a two part article.

Blog Sidebar

The first will be covering on step-by-step guide for a blog sidebar reconstruction and the next part (up next week) will be covering on blog improvement tips which you can use to enhance your sidebar and its usability on your blog.

If you have, seems to have or have doubts whether your sidebars have the few problems listed above, continue reading as this article and the upcoming one will present you with a packed guide and tips on how you can improve your blog by just tweaking the sidebars.

1. Setting the Aim of a Blog Sidebar

What is the aim of your sidebar? This is an important question that you will need to ask before you start the whole blog sidebar reconstruction process. Bloggers like Skellie want to have a clean sidebar and she only fills her sidebars with content-orientated elements.

Personal journal blogs might want to have a few mini flash game widgets on their sidebars so that their friends can spend some time playing them while visiting their blogs. A blog that aims solely for monetization purposes might only have ad panels on the sidebars.

2. Sidebar review

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