7 Proven Ideas to Recession-Proof Your Restaurant

by Wayne Liew

in Business Building

Since I introduced Wayne Liew Dot Com Newsletter to offer business building consultancy on this blog, I received a few requests for free consultation on a variety of entrepreneurship and business operation aspects.

Last week, a restaurant owner came to me, citing the troubles that his business is experiencing due to the tough economic conditions. No surprises because even Valentine’s Day is less sweet for restaurant owners. I provided him with a few ideas on how to attract the attention of prospects and how to retain current customers.


This is not merely a recession-proof your restaurant blog post. I really hope that entrepreneurs and small business owners can modify the following ideas and recession-proof your business today.

Specialized Menu and Target Market

Targeted customer base promises higher rate of return visits. By focusing, prospects tend to tag your restaurant to a particular style of cooking and will recommend your restaurant if their friends crave the type of food that you offer.

Rebrand your restaurant as the best Indian food restaurant in town or the best restaurant 503 Service Unavailable

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