7 Evaluation Subjects for Lecturers of College Entrepreneurs

by Wayne Liew

in Entrepreneurship

If you are a college entrepreneur, you definitely have to agree with me that balancing studies, assignments and classes with the day to day running of your own business operations is extremely difficult.

Lecturers play a somewhat important role in nurturing college entrepreneurs. They can also be the determining factor of whether fellow college entrepreneurs can maintain their sense of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit without having to become a college dropout.

With that, I now list the 7 evaluation subjects that lecturers must at least achieve a pass before they can educate the brilliant entrepreneurial minds, with some already having their own venture while in college.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

There is nothing better for a college entrepreneur than having a lecturer that enjoys entrepreneurship and embraces innovation in his or her classes. Entrepreneurial lecturers will always seek for a better teaching solution as well as being open for ideas and suggestions.

They will also understand circumstances and problems faced by students with entrepreneurial minds and best of all, other students might also be stimulated by the entrepreneurial mindset. By having the mindset, a lecturer will generally be able to pass the upcoming subjects listed below due to the improved teaching methods as well as the approach taken to educate students.


For a lecturer teaching a technical subject like accountancy, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics or computer science, a qualification is important as it indicates that he or she possesses sufficient knowledge to conduct a class on the subject.

College entrepreneurs often take up a technical classes or courses because they feel that these subjects can fill up the technical side of their ideas or ventures. Without a qualified lecturer, what they a 503 Service Unavailable

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