December 2007

You can read about guides that teaches you the best way to pull in readers is by writing unique contents by using your creativity. They show you the ways of how you can get creative in blog posting and they tell you that being different from others will not make your readers bored.

Today, you will learn something different about those talks. I will be posting 5 advantages of blogging about what others are blogging about. I am posting this because unique contents is something you must squeeze hard out of your head. The Internet is booming with contents because you are not in the stone age of the Internet and it is a hard thing to do for you to produce unique contents.

The 5 reasons that I have compiled are:

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  1. Free yourself from pressure

    Unique contents need time, effort and also your own flair in writing to make the whole articles up. Getting creative is hard and structuring a quality article is even harder.

    People out there who have tight schedule for things will not be advised to produce a unique article in each and every one of your blog posts. Straining your mind and body to produce a unique article a day is hard and pressurizing. When you are pressurize of doing something, you tend to look at it as your job and you will dislike it.

    If you are blogging on what others are blogging about, you will have reference and you will not need much thinking about a post. If you are a good writer, an article for your blog can be produced in just 10 minutes!

  2. Pitching traffic from source articles

    When you are writing about something which you refer from other blogs, you link it to the source articles. When you do so to a WordPress blog owner, he /she will receive a notification about the linkback. He might pay your site a visit as well.

    When you have a pingback displayed in the comment section of an article which receives a lot of traffic, you will get some traffic over to your blog if your excerpts sounds relevant to the visitors.

  3. You have different base of readers

    Some readers might only read blogging tips from Wayne Liew Dot Com and others might only read blogging tips from Problogger. Readers don’t read many blogs nowadays. Bloggers can visit a lot of blogs to do comment marketing but they can’t cover blogs on the same at once as well!

    Think about it. The consequences will be bad if someone nudge you with this message:

    Why didn’t you tell me this on your blog? I nearly missed out the fact that Google is penalizing blogs with paid posts! Luckily I read it on XXX. I will go there and never come back here any more!

    What will you think?

  4. Yelling to voice opinion
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  5. Your opinion is precious

    Some readers are your fans. They don’t listen to others and they only want your opinion on certain doubts. This is why even you blog about something hot, people will not leave. You have your own opinions on that particular matter and only even your writing style is the one wanted by your readers.

    The key to blog on what others are blogging is to add in your opinion as much as possible. A post just to notify your readers about an event is not interesting compared to a post full of juicy opinions from you. Also, you will have the chance of voicing your own opinion on the issue and link to it in your future posts.

  6. Networking with fellow bloggers

    When you have your say on an issue or create a conflict with what people are heavily discussing, you will make either friends or enemies. Conversations will create the opportunity to know more about fellow bloggers and Cross Blog Conversation is what you need to read in order to get hold of this trick.

    When you have friends, or even enemies with related blogs, they are the ones who will quickly respond on your articles and provide feedbacks. Some blogs with great contents don’t get comments because the blogger don’t network and interact. Try to start interacting by blogging about contents of others.

I have gone the opposite way once with 5 Reasons To Tap Saturated Niche and now hopefully with this one, you are able to see things from the other way.

Conclusion on Blog About Contents of Others

It will be great if you can find some space within your posting frequency to fit some posts that are blogging about contents of others because of the advantages stated above.

However, be aware that blogging about other contents might chase first time visitors away. First time visitors come to your blog because they want unique contents. They want to find new source of contents and if they find something which is same as what they can find elsewhere, they might just click away.

Your Thoughts On Blogging About Contents of Others

Have you blog about contents of others whereby you have add in your own opinion? Are they easier to produce than unique contents? How unique contents (if you have :mrgreen: ) have done to your blog? Is it worth the sweat?

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Make People Listen To You When You Talk
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On the first day you set foot on the Internet, I am sure that you realized that you are not alone. You register for ICQ and Windows Live Messenger to connect with others, you joined forums for discussions and you set up a blog to get your message across to others.

You cannot get away from conversations and discussions on the Internet. Even in the comment section of a blog or a social media content, you can find people discussing. These are some major places that you will need some conversation skills to blend yourself in.

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Chat Groups
  • Social Media
  • Comments

The 10 Useful Conversation Tips

Ask relevant questions

This is more than important in a conversation. People are discussing about a car’s performance and you jumped in with this question, "Why Google demoted my Page Rank?". What you will get in return is a cold shoulder or even a more cruel answer like "**** off! What has Page Rank got to do with cars?"

I know irrelevant questions make you stand out but how many will pay you attention for a long time? Choose the right medium for your topic. For example, choose Sphinn, StumbleUpon and Digital Point as your conversation medium online if you are interested in blogging.

Provide detailed answers

Don’t be lazy to type a few more words. Typing a few more lines will not only prove that you know your stuffs but also, people will pay attention to your reply because of the WOW factor with such a long reply.

Reply like you are typing a blog post 😛 . Over at Digital Point, you get rep points from other members for providing quality replies or if they find your replies helpful.

Listen to what others are saying

There’s always something to say in a discussion but as a discussion goes on and on, many things might have already been mentioned. Repeating it won’t get you the answer again.

I know some forum threads have up to 100 replies for a topic and some blog posts have over 100 comments but taking your time to scan through them rather than posting replies that looks like nothing but rubbish to others.

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Add value to the conversation

Add a piece of information, add a useful and relevant question that keeps the topic alive or even a disagreement which is supported with a source. Too many comments and replies nowadays are not adding value and worse, they degrades the value of a post.

Replies like "Nice one" and "I second you" won’t get you anything. Even though in forums you will get post counts, people will not see the number as valuable since a search on your replies will know that you post rubbish!

Avoid one-liners

I am not saying that one line replies are bad or don’t have value but with the number of spam increasing everyday, people is starting to have this thought "Spammers don’t read and just want to spam because they want attention, thus, they are the one posting one-liners."

Sometimes, we have to follow the norm of this society. People see others who wear torn and dirty clothes, sitting by the roadside as beggars. If you are not one but if you are wearing a torn clothes and siting by the roadside, people will think that you are a beggar!

Be creative and unique

Find your style. It can be a word that is being repeatedly used in your replies. It can be a sense of humor. It can also be a style in using word formatting such as colors. Getting yourself a style and be unique can bring your replies attention since plain text and replies will not make you different from others!

Offer free information

Are you a blogging tutor? Stop promoting your guides or courses in discussions. Try giving your readers personalized tips on how to improve blogs of others free of charge. I am sure that you realized that most successful blogs out there are successful because they provide guides and information, free of charge!

Going extra mile in gathering the information via Google and include it into your replies will certainly make it more useful than the replies of others.

Don't run away from comments and criticism
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Be open to comments and criticism

Everyone will have their own errors and not everyone is always correct. When you have said something wrong or got the idea of something wrong, it is normal to get scolded, laughed and given sarcastic comments on the Internet.

The best way is to ignore or to apologize. I am not saying that you must be a coward to survive but if you don’t have firm facts and good interpersonal skills, you won’t get people supporting you and worse, people might see you as a trouble-maker.

Get Your Facts Right

To avoid the consequences of getting scolded or other bad experiences in a discussion, the best to do when you are on the side of providing information is to gather enough pieces of data and collaborate it with other pieces before you spit in out in the discussion place.

Sites like Wikipedia, blogs and also opinions from experts in related issues proved to be important in confirming the accuracy of your information provided. Getting the facts right also will not spoil your reputation as a false information provider. Having a clean record on the Internet is really important.

Give More Than You Take
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Give more than you take

At times, we see discussion places like forums and chat rooms as places to scrape traffic. We tend to self-promote, sell our products or even bait other users to click on affiliate links (which I always do 😛 ).

The advice I am giving here is that, "Don’t just provide a link and always think about what have you contributed before taking benefits from others." I know some people out there will click on links easily but to get the best result in your effort to optimize community marketing is to give more than you take!

Your Feedback On Online Conversations

Do you have any advices for any other readers in participation of conversations? What do you think is the most important thing in participation of a conversation? What I think is that it is just like our daily conversation but the difference is, the whole thing is on the Internet.

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Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. Wayne Liew, who is always on the pro-reader side is taking one step back by adding back the "nofollow" tag to the outgoing links in my comment section.

Sorry Message
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First, sorry to those who commented previously just to get some link juice from Wayne Liew Dot Com‘s articles after my article, You Comment, I Link You. In this article, I will be explaining why I am taking this move. You can see it as excuses but I hope you can understand my blog position in a saturated niche.

6 Reasons I Start to Use "nofollow" tags

  1. Google is Getting Serious with Comment Linking

    When kljs told me about the worries of Google penalizing bloggers that dofollow commentator links, I shrug it off as Google and Matt Cutts does not have any statement on this.

    Blogger New Comment Section

    Now, Google secretly made an effort to show that they are taking this issue seriously by removing "comment with a link" option from Blogger, Google’s own free blogging platform. You can read more about this at The Death of Do-Follow.

    In default, outgoing links in WordPress comment section is always parsed with the "nofollow" tags.

  2. Quality Commentators Prevails

    Although I don’t face such problems on this blogging tips site, many blogs out there are. They receive commentators that use names like "Make Money Online" and "Poker Site Online" to comment which I don’t see as a sincere act. Their main intention to comment is just to get link juice for their sites.

    I am rather lucky to have top commentators which post quality comments like the current Deimos Tel`Arin and Jalaj instead of "Cheap Viagra" and "Rich Forex Trading".

  3. Focusing on Search Engine Optimization

    I used to comment on other blogs that Google Page Rank are somehow irrelevant to search engine ranking position on Google but I have been proven wrong. As you can see, I am actively doing search engine optimization improvements for this site after winning the SEO Book.

    In this saturated niche, I need to get targeted traffic through search engines. Do you know that search engines can bring in thousands of unique visits daily for a site? Wayne Liew Dot Com is way under-performing in terms of search engine traffic.

  4. Not Listed in Comment Hunt

    Luckily for me, my blog is not listed in the Comment Hunt, which link building experts use it to find dofollow blogs so that they can build links for their clients or their own sites. This makes the previously dofollow status of my blog remained unknown by most of the passing readers.

    For those who really comment for the sake of links, hop over to Comment Hunt. I am sure that the search engine can help you out. One event that I foresee is a drop of search results that it will provide to you because of the reasons I am adding back my "nofollow" tags.

  5. Google Page Rank as a Credibility Meter

    Google Mania
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    Will you ever want to see a site you are learning things from are penalized by Google? The little green bar shows more than a rating for a site nowadays. It brings up trust from first time visitors as explained on Frustrating Yes – But I Want Google To Be My Friend.

  6. Boosting Number of Comments

    In the later part of this article, I would encourage my readers to comment more by giving extra incentives. Try to implement it on your blog so that your readers will continue to put in efforts in commenting.

Solutions for Bloggers in the Same Shoes

Disappointed Baby
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We will be blamed and that is for sure. The biggest temptation that we are making people commenting might just because the link of their names are dofollowed. At this time, keeping the comment numbers up will be difficult. Amazingly, my most popular article, 10 Reasons You Are Not Getting Comments does not state that not offering dofollow links as one of the reasons!

You still have hopes! I will provide you a few ways that can keep you the level of comment.

Blow away reasons for not getting comments

Does your blog contains one of the 10 Reasons You Are Not Getting Comments? If so, remove it or modify your blog to make it more comment-friendly. Comments don’t come in with just good contents, it has other factors that is affecting it as well.

Show Top Commentator Plugin

Are you using the Show Top Commentator plugin? If you are not, it is time to install one to your blog, read 5 Tips for Show Top Commentators Plugin Usage and start rewarding commentators who comment frequently on your blog.

Make the links dofollow (don’t be that stingy). A link on your homepage is extremely rewarding because take Wayne Liew Dot Com for example, a link from my homepage will mean a link from 205 pages because the link will appear in each and every one of my pages and articles as crawled by Google bots.

Feature Your Commentators

Show that you do notice their effort. Feature them in your articles. Show them that you do read and appreciate them for adding value to your blog through your comments. Dofollow their links in your articles like what I did with this article.

Off-blog reward for commentators

Do you need me to teach you more on this? Put up a cash prize or reward in any form such as free advertising or free guide ($$$ is still the best motivation) to make your readers comment.

When you are using such method, make sure everyone that visits your blog knows about it through notification in prominent places. Also, you will need to take extra effort in moderating your comments so that only contributing comments are eligible for the contest.

What Is Your Say On This Event?

Is my move correct? I know I am gaming with my credibility but I really need Google’s help in building my traffic base. Yes, blogs like John Chow dot com can totally ignore Google’s guidelines and sell links "notoriously" but he already has established traffic!

Will you stop commenting on blogs which are not dofollow now? What will you have to say about this action of Google? If you are still on dofollow or the U Comment, I Follow program, will you add back the "nofollow" tags?

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As a blogger, we all love to write and we have our own style. We might not have noticed it but those words that we post on our blogs might contain some underlying messages. However, some messages are just not good to be discovered by your readers as they might be leaving your blog and will never come back.

What are the types of messages have such a power? I will sharing you with ten messages that will be sending me away from your blog!

10 Messages That Will Send Your Readers Away

“I’m a dumb. Stupid, why are you reading stuffs written by me?”
No people will admit it but sometimes through your words, you indirectly mean it. Do sufficient research before you blog about something. Writings that are wrong will chase your readers away. We sometimes write things that are gathered from one source but collaborating the facts with another source won’t do you much harm and it will actually decrease the chances of you giving away wrong information.

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“I will be away.”
I have seen people making this mistake over and over again. I know that you are being true and honest to your visitors but by doing so you will be having a dip in your traffic. Having the “I am not in” message on top of your blog will also give new visitors the impression that your information might not be updated for a long time. Find someone to blog for you or pre-write the posts to be posted automatically using WordPress’ time-stamping function.

“Pay me and I’ll teach you.”
The blogosphere is booming because bloggers share knowledge without wanting a charge. Having nothing but only words to promote a product of yours won’t do your blog any good. I know many people spend online nowadays but still, there are a lot of conservative Internet users which will think twice before giving you their credit card number. Offer something and offer more with a premium version.

Push away dog
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“Get lost if you don’t get what I write!”
I thought your readers is your customers and you will need to try your best to make them understand? You might have a good vocabulary but are you twisting your sentence too much? If you have did so, try to explain to your readers in a simpler version. It might be something longer but it will be worth it if the reader understands it and talk about your articles.

“I love money more than you!”
Yes, click here to make me money. This will make you tonnes of money, click it! Some blogs are spreading the message that when I visit the blog, I am making the blogger money. I am stressed with all the inline ad panels and sometimes tonnes of sponsored posts. A considerable amount is understandable but too much of it is equivalent to pointing a knife to your readers and demand for money.

“I’m always right! You’re always wrong…”
I know you have the personality but no human is correct all the time. You might be a genius or you might have won yourself many awards but once in a while you might be wrong without yourself knowing it. When people point out your errors, this shows that they really read what you write. A correction and a sincere Thank You are not too much to ask for, right? However, if you want to argue with the word “Personality” on your personal blog, it will be OK.

Blank page
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“I have no idea of what to post!”
Are you kidding me? You have no idea of what to post and you just told your readers who had their saliva dripping off their mouth about it? They’ll be gone soon rather than contributing their ideas for you! This will be worse if they are all bloggers, they will be laughing because they just lost a competitor! Come on, if you have no ideas of what to post, read 10 Suggestions for Easy Contents and Hack your way out of writer’s block rather than spending your time and effort writing such posts!

“I got this from!”
I am not saying crediting your source is something bad. You should always credit your source but when you pull contents from your source, don’t copy and paste the article completely! Quote them and credit your source with a link within a post. Don’t use words like “via” and “from”. People will have the false impression that you are a copycat, especially if your posts are just alike (not completely the same) with the source.

“What about this? What about that?”
What’s the problem with you? I thought you are the one who has all the say in your blog? Write things firmly and don’t have doubts. By the time you are writing, you should have done sufficient research to let your readers know about it. Let your readers absorb and have their say, not to confuse them even more by asking them questions that supposedly should be them asking.

Last but not least,

Pointing at You Swearing
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“F**k off! D**n you, b***h!”
Get what I mean? I’ll let you go if you again say this is personality since I enjoyed this pretty much on personal blogs. If you are aiming your informational blog for worldwide readers, avoid using foul words. Readers from your countries might see it as a norm but some might see it as dirty and impolite. Use aggressive terms but not such words to express your anger or impatience. Swearing others is just not a good way for bloggers who talks and communicate with words.

Your feedback on this post

You got all the 10. Have you said something like this before on your blog? Do you have came across messages that are funnier and would like to share with me and all my readers? Which do you find the most often on the blogosphere?

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