10 Variables of Article Readability

by Wayne Liew

in Internet Business

Do you remember 10 Reasons You Are Not Getting Comments? One of the points in there will be your posts are just lousy. I have a habit of bloghopping around and I find that sometimes, it is not that a blog has low quality articles, it is just that the presentation of the articles that is causing the problems.

Writing Article

I would like to share with you the 10 Variables of Article Readability with this post. The reason I call them variables is that you will need to manage the amount to get the best of it. Excessive and non-existence usage will cause problems for you.

  • Paragraphing
    Paragraphs are must have elements for an article. Article which don’t have proper paragraphing will make the article seems boring and your readers will be so tired reading it.

    I have seen people using one line paragraphs and paragraphs that might reach 20 lines long. A set of similar points should be grouped into one paragraph and another paragraph should mark the start of another thinking point. Equal paragraph lengths will also be very important since your readers will not have a sudden surge or inconsistent information absorption because of the irregularities in paragraphs’ length.

    The rule of thumb in paragraphing which is recommended by me will be try to write a paragraph not more than 7-8 lines. The amount of words with this length will be sufficient (will not be shallow or overloaded with information) and most of the time, the length will be performing well no matter the screen or font size.

  • Sub-Headers


    I like to use sub-headers such as this post of mine. A bolded text or a line of text with different styling which will make the line stands out is good for an article to make a reader 503 Service Unavailable

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