10 Messages That Will Send Your Readers Away

by Wayne Liew

in Internet Business

As a blogger, we all love to write and we have our own style. We might not have noticed it but those words that we post on our blogs might contain some underlying messages. However, some messages are just not good to be discovered by your readers as they might be leaving your blog and will never come back.

What are the types of messages have such a power? I will sharing you with ten messages that will be sending me away from your blog!

10 Messages That Will Send Your Readers Away

“I’m a dumb. Stupid, why are you reading stuffs written by me?”
No people will admit it but sometimes through your words, you indirectly mean it. Do sufficient research before you blog about something. Writings that are wrong will chase your readers away. We sometimes write things that are gathered from one source but collaborating the facts with another source won’t do you much harm and it will actually decrease the chances of you giving away wrong information.

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“I will be away.”
I have seen people making this mistake over and over again. I know that you are being true and honest to your visitors but by doing so you will be having a dip in your traffic. Having the “I am not in” message on top of your blog will also give new visitors the impression that your information might not be updated for a long time. Find someone to blog for you or pre-write the posts to be posted automatically using WordPress’ time-stamping function.

“Pay me and I’ll teach you.”
The blogosphere is booming because bloggers share knowledge without wanting a charge. Having nothing but only words to promote a product of yours won’t do your blog any good. I know many people spend online nowadays but still, there are a lot of conservative Internet users which will think twice before giving 503 Service Unavailable

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