10 Messages That Will Send Your Readers Away

by Wayne Liew

in Internet Business

As a blogger, we all love to write and we have our own style. We might not have noticed it but those words that we post on our blogs might contain some underlying messages. However, some messages are just not good to be discovered by your readers as they might be leaving your blog and will never come back.

What are the types of messages have such a power? I will sharing you with ten messages that will be sending me away from your blog!

10 Messages That Will Send Your Readers Away

“I’m a dumb. Stupid, why are you reading stuffs written by me?”
No people will admit it but sometimes through your words, you indirectly mean it. Do sufficient research before you blog about something. Writings that are wrong will chase your readers away. We sometimes write things that are gathered from one source but collaborating the facts with another source won’t do you much harm and it will actually decrease the chances of you giving away wrong information.

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“I will be away.”
I have seen people making this mistake over and over again. I know that you are being true and honest to your visitors but by doing so you will be having a dip in your traffic. Having the “I am not in” message on top of your blog will also give new visitors the impression that your information might not be updated for a long time. Find someone to blog for you or pre-write the posts to be posted automatically using WordPress’ time-stamping function.

“Pay me and I’ll teach you.”
The blogosphere is booming because bloggers share knowledge without wanting a charge. Having nothing but only words to promote a product of yours won’t do your blog any good. I know many people spend online nowadays but still, there are a lot of conservative Internet users which will think twice before giving you their credit card number. Offer something and offer more with a premium version.

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“Get lost if you don’t get what I write!”
I thought your readers is your customers and you will need to try your best to make them understand? You might have a good vocabulary but are you twisting your sentence too much? If you have did so, try to explain to your readers in a simpler version. It might be something longer but it will be worth it if the reader understands it and talk about your articles.

“I love money more than you!”
Yes, click here to make me money. This will make you tonnes of money, click it! Some blogs are spreading the message that when I visit the blog, I am making the blogger money. I am stressed with all the inline ad panels and sometimes tonnes of sponsored posts. A considerable amount is understandable but too much of it is equivalent to pointing a knife to your readers and demand for money.

“I’m always right! You’re always wrong…”
I know you have the personality but no human is correct all the time. You might be a genius or you might have won yourself many awards but once in a while you might be wrong without yourself knowing it. When people point out your errors, this shows that they really read what you write. A correction and a sincere Thank You are not too much to ask for, right? However, if you want to argue with the word “Personality” on your personal blog, it will be OK.

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“I have no idea of what to post!”
Are you kidding me? You have no idea of what to post and you just told your readers who had their saliva dripping off their mouth about it? They’ll be gone soon rather than contributing their ideas for you! This will be worse if they are all bloggers, they will be laughing because they just lost a competitor! Come on, if you have no ideas of what to post, read 10 Suggestions for Easy Contents and Hack your way out of writer’s block rather than spending your time and effort writing such posts!

“I got this from wayneliew.com!”
I am not saying crediting your source is something bad. You should always credit your source but when you pull contents from your source, don’t copy and paste the article completely! Quote them and credit your source with a link within a post. Don’t use words like “via” and “from”. People will have the false impression that you are a copycat, especially if your posts are just alike (not completely the same) with the source.

“What about this? What about that?”
What’s the problem with you? I thought you are the one who has all the say in your blog? Write things firmly and don’t have doubts. By the time you are writing, you should have done sufficient research to let your readers know about it. Let your readers absorb and have their say, not to confuse them even more by asking them questions that supposedly should be them asking.

Last but not least,

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“F**k off! D**n you, b***h!”
Get what I mean? I’ll let you go if you again say this is personality since I enjoyed this pretty much on personal blogs. If you are aiming your informational blog for worldwide readers, avoid using foul words. Readers from your countries might see it as a norm but some might see it as dirty and impolite. Use aggressive terms but not such words to express your anger or impatience. Swearing others is just not a good way for bloggers who talks and communicate with words.

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You got all the 10. Have you said something like this before on your blog? Do you have came across messages that are funnier and would like to share with me and all my readers? Which do you find the most often on the blogosphere?

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